The Sound of Leamington Spa 8 (see below) will be released on Friday 23rd February on CD and vinyl. The full line-up of bands is:

1. The Liberty Thieves – The Smile On Your Face
2. Rorschach – Gabriel
3. Windy Miller – Win By Miles
4. The Believers – Save The Planet
5. And So To Bed – Around My Neck
6. Things In General – Goodbye To Happiness
7. Jim Jiminee – Sleeping Once Again
8. Peppermint Parlour – Falling
9. The Last Peach – Golden Showers
10. Peruvian Hipsters – Tony Hadley
11. Shame – Real Tears
12. The Daisychain Connection – Mood Swings
13. The Bedflowers – Making Out In Public Places
14. The Hypocrites – Nothing To Add
15. Black And White Lovers – Passion Of Mine
16. Stranger Than Fiction – The Realization
17. Beware The Dog – Nasty Things
18. The Mechanical Hearts – Southside Blues
19. The Monkey Run – Bats
20. The Caz Carnaby Five – To Believe Is Everything


My second novel, That Summer Feeling, will be published by Pomona in August, 2018. Here’s the cover…

That Summer Feeling, cover, high-res


October: Both The Last Peach and The Monkey Run, two of my former bands, will have tracks featured on a compilation album released by Fire Station Records in Germany The album, due to be released early in 2018, is part of ‘The Sound of Leamington Spa’ series. These bands are not actually from Leamington Spa  – its supposed to represent Anytown UK. The Monkey Run track is Bats, which has never been released before and The Last Peach, Golden Showers – it will be the first time the band has  appeared on CD.

September: Just had the great news that the documentary I made last year for BBC Radio 4, Still Loving Thy Neighbour?, has been long-listed (with seven others) by the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) as documentary of the year in its ‘Arts and Culture’ section. Especially pleased because it failed to receive barely a mention at the time and not a single review.

* I have (finally) finished my novel, That Summer Feeling, and am currently looking for a publisher.

* Still working on a new album, Adventure Lit Their Star, which I hope to see released before the end of the year.  The name under which I now record is Black Sedan, a huge improvement on the wholly inappropriate, Black September.

* I have contributed 3,600 words of sleeve notes to the re-issue (by Cherry Red) of The Mock Turtles album, Turtle Soup. Details here.


* To coincide with the 10th anniversary of the murder of Sophie Lancaster, Pomona is reprinting Black Roses which has been out of print for some time. When in stock, it will be available here

* A track by my first ever band, Untermensch, is featured on Greater Manchester Punk Vol 2 – Now We Are Heroes. Available from Rough Trade.

* The Monkey Run song, Falling Upstairs, is included in the 7CD boxed set Manchester North of England: A Story of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977 – 1993. Details here.