Closure of the Oldham Evening Chronicle, The Times, Monday 7 September, 2017
Barry Hines Obit, The Guardian 1
Barry Hines Obit, The Guardian  2
Alan Plater, letter

Over the course of several issues I was asked to nominate my favourite nature books to BBC Countryfile magazine:
Four Hedges
All Creatures Great And Small
In The Country
Cider With Rosie
The Shining Levels
The South Country
The Unofficial Countryside
A Walk Around the Lakes

I was always particularly proud  to contribute to Word magazine, so this mention brought much pride, indeed:
The Word, subscribers’ newsletter

Critic’s Chart, The Times asked me to select five of my favourite rock books.

Crititic’s Chart   My favourite books about the north.

The Thunderer (Margaret Thatcher), The Times invited me to comment on the death of Margaret Thatcher

The Thunderer (Football’s Dark Ages) 

Bumpkin, The Times ran a series about country living. I wrote about an after-hours drink at a local pub.

Bumpkin, The Times. Living in Todmorden.

Full Metal Racket – CD review, Word

Children’s Publishing, The Times

Songs about outer space, The Times

The Chameleons (band), Record Collector 1

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